Senior Living Evaluation

Most moves bring with them a bit of anxiety, but the move to senior living can be especially stressful. That’s why The Next Chapter team is devoted to determining the best fit for each of our clients. Before our Senior Living Counselor meets with you, we provide a carefully designed questionnaire that will help you decide what your social, financial and physical/medical priorities are, along with many other considerations. Are social opportunities, lectures and learning most important to you? Is physical and medical support a priority? Would you be happier in a small, homey environment or a large campus with more available services? As you can see, there are many criteria to be considered and many, many options to choose from. By working with The Next Chapter team, you can avoid the time required to research these options and the exhausting legwork needed to tour them all. We are very familiar with all the options available and can help you narrow down the list to a manageable selection. When you’re ready, we can accompany you on tours of your top choices and discuss your options.